Religion,what is it ?

This Blog is intended at  some of my colleagues,  my parents and others who think that their religion is superior to some other religion.

Now,Can anybody of you define the meaning of “Religion” ?

Can anybody answer me who invented this so called “Religion” ?

Can you give me the count of people getting murdered and butchered  by the name of Religion?

Is this what Religion teaches  ?

Why there is so much Hatredness between different religions ? Why do communal riots occur ? Why people get involved in religion to such an extent that they rape and butcher girls of other religion ?Is this what Bible,Quran,Gita or any religious book teach them ?

These questions have bugged me a lot.And whoever i ask this question to, donot give me an appropriate answer ,so as I change my mind,and go with a religion.Being Hindu,i have millions of Gods to pray,but Islam has only Allah,a Christian has one Jesus .Does that mean,Hindus would be more beneficial ,as they have millions of God who can attend to their prayers whereas other religions have only one ?The answer is CERTAINLY NOT !

We are human beings,and i wonder why cant we remain like it ?

Why do we have to divide ourselves into religion only to have riots like Godhra ,where  1044 people were killed in the violence – 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus including those killed in the Godhra train fire. Another 223 people were reported missing, 2,548 injured, 919 women widowed and 606 children orphaned.Why do pictures like below exist where a man has to plead for his life ?

Why do we have to divide ourselves into religion only to have riots like Anti Sikh war ,where unarmed Sikh men,woman and children were looted and set to fire alive ,and United States was convinced of the complicity of  Indian Government ruled by the Indian National Congress in the pogrom, and termed it as “opportunism” and “hatred” of the Congress government against Sikhs .The Hindu mobs carried iron rods, knives, clubs, and combustible material, including kerosene. The mobs swarmed into Sikh neighborhoods, arbitrarily killing any Sikh men or women they could find. Their shops and houses were ransacked and burned. In other incidents, armed mobs stopped buses and trains, in and around Delhi, pulling out Sikh passengers to be lynched or doused with kerosene and burnt alive.Official report say that 8000 Sikhs were dead,but it was far more than what was declared.Does the below picture is what you want as a product of your religious practice ?

Or please explain me this little girl’s fault,that  she was half  burnt ?

 The above picture has been taken reference from Anti-Christian violence in Orissa,India.

Its time to think out of your comfort zone.Stop thinking that you are Hindu,or Muslim or Christian or any other religion.Why cant we have inter-caste marriage? Why cant we have inter-caste relationships ?Is it okay to befriend  a person who is good but of different religion or  befriend with a person who is a betrayer and of same religion ?I urge to my readers to please give a space to your brain to take some inputs which might not encourage you,but can atleast make a space for a thinking which unbiased in nature.Or let my readers answer my questions and tell me the meaning of religion which would encourage me to favour my religion ahead of others .


The Fight Against Corruption !!

It seemed obvious to every citizen of India, that No one can stop Shri Anna Hazare, a social activist, from Fasting on 16th August 2011,for a cause, which billions of our countrymen suffer. It is for a cause that forces a deserving student go to depression, only because the seat has been occupied by the son of a minister. It is for a cause, which compel the farmers of this country, to suicide and let their families to the darkness of hell. This Cause is Called “Corruption”.

I wonder if its Corruption or Just a Hide Your Light under a bushel for the Corrupt Politicians ?

70,000 Billion Rupees is what has been stacked in Swiss Banks by our politicians, 800 Billion Rupees is what Mr. Suresh Kalmadi and Co. used for their personal refreshment, and almost 1000 Billion Rupees is what Mr.A Raja and Co. used to make calls to their near and dear ones. And on the other side, a common Man in the streets of India, would work for 12-14 Hours a day, earn an acceptable but not enough salary to feed his/her family and give tax to the government, so that the government could think of some plan, which would help him/her to feed and live life in a better way. A country where the inflation has been on a daily basis, where the population is growing beyond control, where states suffer from natural calamities, the only thing which one could ask for is “Corruption” to participate in this Blood Sucking Game.


Don’t you think, he deserves a lot than this? Do we want our children to suffer the way these poor Children have suffered?

Its High time, that all of India should stand up and fight against Corruption, only to make their, and their next generations to live happily. One cannot work peacefully in an organization, where 100 people surrounding him/her are corrupt. People known to be ministers or Bureaucrats, will always have an upper hand if corruption persist, and the common man’s income  will just detoriate .Even if there’s an economic crisis in US and Europe, People in India thrive to go to these places. The reason for this is simple; they don’t consider their own country to be safe and sound. They don’t believe in the constitution which give them fake promises, the educational system, where quotas fill up the seats or the law, which stands still when rape, murder, or any terrorist activities happen .It’s quite obvious that, whatever wrong happens in the country affects everyone, but the average people like you and me are the most affected.

It’s not just the government, which is involved in Corruption, its also involved within you, me and us. It might not be a huge amount like the Kalmadis, Rajas, but somewhere or the other, Corruption nails us. If the Traffic Police takes bribe and let you go, why the hell should anyone go for the Challan, which may drag him to the court. There may be thousand of cases where you might have felt that giving or taking money would help your way out. Now that we ourselves want a better, cleaner and safer Country, I urge you people to refrain yourself from any bribe, and keep this Corruption word away from you.

Please fight against Corruption and make our country a happy place to live. I urge everyone reading this post, please stand up and fight against corruption. Your life has been a struggle, but please make life a little easier to your next generations.